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Based in Brooklyn, NY


Sports & Entertainment

Hoop Vision: A Simple NBA Scoreboard Companion

Stay in the loop with Hoop Vision, your go-to for all things basketball.

#NBA #VisionPro #VirtualReality



AI & Digital Marketing

BlogAI: Revolutionizing Content Creation with Cutting-Edge AI

An innovative AI blog generator that crafts dozens of quality posts in seconds, revolutionizing content strategy and digital marketing.


Mobile App

Job Ninja: Mastering the Art of Job Hunting & Interview Prep

A dynamic app that not only curates niche-specific job opportunities but also equips users with industry-standard interview preparation tools for heightened job success.



Mountain Clothing Company: Pioneering Sustainable Hiking Apparel and Gear

Explore Mountain Clothing Company's unique range of hiking attire and accessories, masterfully crafted from upcycled materials for the eco-conscious adventurer.


AI & Web Dev

AI Website Builder: A Transforming Website Creation Tool with Artificial Intelligence

A groundbreaking AI website generator that empowers users to create stunning, functional websites effortlessly.


Design Tools & UI/UX Resources

Apple-Inspired Design Cards for Figma: Elegance Meets Functionality

A collection of Apple-style design cards for Figma. Meticulously crafted for simplicity and elegance, these cards come in both dark & light modes, making them an ideal choice for any UI/UX project.


UI Design Components

Lil Footer Component: Dynamic Footers for Every Design Need

A versatile Figma component ready for both mobile and desktop. With four color sets, multiple style options, and integrated variants for different screens.


UI Animation Tools

Scrolling Text Animation: Elevate Your Designs with Dynamic Transitions

Effortlessly create stunning scrolling text transitions that captivate and engage, all with just a few clicks.

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